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refined furniture
Most people quickly understand furniture consignment. We accept your well cared for furniture to sell from our showroom floor. And when it does sell, we share in the proceeds. For those shopping for consignment furniture, you know that you are purchasing quality pieces at a fraction of their cost. Everybody gets to smile.

But what about that furniture that, while solid and well built, is NOT suitable for our showroom floor? We see this all the time, whether from years of love by children or grand children, sitting in storage while the finish fades away, or just pieces that time has not been kind to.

Depending upon the underlying quality of the furnishings, these pieces we are often pleased to REFINE. We will purchase them outright, then go to work with refinishing, restoring, or painting/sanding/waxing or sealing and replacing hardware, or any number of other hand worked techniques to bring well loved furnishings back to glorious newness. If you have furnishings to move out of you home, but you KNOW they are not suitable for consignment, talk to us first as we will quickly tell you which we can refine and are eager to purchase.

From a shopper's perspective, if you seek something new and different, our refined pieces are an exceptional value. Solid, quality pieces, often by designer names, that have been given an entirely new start by one of our Refinement Artists. And, huge bonus for shoppers, most of our refined pieces are priced the same as we do consignment with prices that automatically drop over time.

There are new additions all the time, be sure to check them out.
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