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About Suncoast Animal League

Suncoast Animal League About Suncoast Animal League: Suncoast Animal League is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue agency in Pinellas that takes in abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals. They provide medical treatment, shelter, socialization and plenty of love to the animals while they wait for their forever home. Additionally, they provide specialized services for animals traumatized from previous experiences and – in some cases – provide temporary foster care in a home setting for those animals in need of more intense, hands-on care. Suncoast Animal League also counsels existing pet owners in solving common pet problems so that more animals are not abandoned or taken to shelters.

Visit the Suncoast Animal League Website for more information about the organization and their amazing efforts.

Why Does One Amazing Find Care?

We are dedicated to giving back to our community and we both live and work right here in Tarpon Springs which makes us a part of everything that goes on in Pinellas (our back yard), as well as Pasco, Hillsborough and beyond. Suncoast is our first official charity that we support (unofficially we also support Goodwill, the Salvation Army and others through donations of goods).

The work at Suncoast goes way beyond that of a 'shelter' and you can only BEGIN to appreciate the efforts of so many people to save the lives of animals by visiting and participating yourself, especially on a night when they pick up large numbers of animals from other KILL shelters or rescued from puppy mills. It would melt your heart. We care because we love animals and believe that even they have the right to a healthy, happy life. And through our efforts at One Amazing Find, we CAN make a difference for this Amazing Organization. This is why we are stepping up. (We have our own personal story and history with Suncoast that you can read below).

How We Support Suncoast

  • Beginning April 17, the date of our Grand Opening, we will maintain donation jars in our store along with information about Suncoast Animal League, their work and their needs. And we have personal stories to back it up for any animal lover interested.
  • We will have no less than 2 fundraising events per year at our store, beginning with our Grand Opening Weekend where we donated 5% of all sales directly to Suncoast.
  • One Amazing Find is now a Drop Off Depot for those wanting to donate food or ESPECIALLY items from the Suncoast Wishlist but who either can't make it to the shelter during their hours, or don't have the means to get there. Bring it to us (through the front door, or the back loading / unloading area), and we will make sure your donations get to where they are needed most!
  • One Amazing Find has commited to support Suncoast in other fundraising efforts through the donation of time and refined furniture to be used for auctions when appropriate
  • We are a pet friendly store. Fido and Felix are welcomed in our store anytime! (Fine, that doesn't help Suncoast much, but your pets will appreciate the water and A/C break!)

Our Personal Story - WHY We Chose Suncoast

One day I told my husband that I wanted to help out Suncoast by possibly fostering dogs, looking after them, taking them for their vet visits, taking them to adoption events, and simply loving them while they wait for their forever home. He wasn't convinced, but agreed to go submit our paperwork for approval while he thought it over. That night we went to the shelter as they arrived with DOZENS of very frightened, weak, sad creatures rescued from a puppy mill. My 'undecided husband' melted in all of 30 seconds of arriving. We jumped in to help, and took home our first foster dog, a very timid thing that found the most comfort close to my husband over the weeks of recovery that followed.

Over the course of the next year it was one dog after another. And we weren't particular... if the shelter had one that needed a foster home, we were there (sometimes more than one at a time). What surprised us, and made us so very sad at the same time, was how amazing these animals were... loving, affectionate, gentle, many WELL trained and house broken - and almost every one of them would have been KILLED had it not been for Suncoast. Killing an animal, a domesticated animal, a pet, a family member just because they are inconvenient to someone makes me cry.

Carley - Our Foster Fail As we moved along with our fosters we began to consider adopting one when we found the right fit (We had two dogs of our own already - who also helped look after the fosters by the way, and two kids - also added help. So we had specific criterion - small, short hair, and personality and character that fit our family). Then along came Carley, a 15 week old puppy that LOOKED to be a German Shepherd crossed with we don't know what. Clearly she would grow to be bigger than we wanted, and was a longer haired dog so not an option in our minds... but she fit. Her personality, her character, her demeanor were all a perfect fit for our family. I was taking her to an adoption day at the local pet store and started to tear up... just couldn't do it. i called my husband and said 'what do we do?!'. He said, "if we keep looking for another dog, physical attributes aside, what are we looking for? Is it not Carley?". And he was right. And that day I learned what a 'Foster Fail' is... when you try to foster, but one day, just 'fail' and adopt (which is anyting BUT failure). I went into the adoption day, with everyone oogling my beautiful little girl, Carley, and adopted her on the spot.

We now have 3 dogs, still 2 kids (and 4 more in College) AND a store that keeps us busy 7 days a week. So we simply can't foster animals anymore. BUT, we can still help others to do these things, to find these beautiful animals homes with health, love, and connection. And THAT is why Suncoast Animal League was first on our list of organizations to support in our community.

Suncoast Animal League Wish List

Suncoast is happy to receive donations of any kind to help. If you would like suggestions, see their wishlist below (which we keep updated) to know what they are most in need of right now. Remeber, you can take any drop offs to One Amazing Find at 106 East Tarpon Ave (the Mother Meres building), at East Tarpon Ave and Pinellas Ave (Alt 19) if you can't make it to the shelter when they are open.

Suncoast Animal League Wish List

Visit the Suncoast Animal League Website for more information about the organization and their amazing efforts.
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