One Amazing Find - Why Shop with Us?

Why Shop With One Amazing Find?

Oh, there are so many selfish reasons why we want you to visit our store, but let's talk about YOU. What do YOU want when you purchase for your home? Do you want your home to feel warm, personal, inviting, inspiring? Do you want to be original, unique, creative? Do you like value? Most who find this web page answer yes to most of those things, and we can help you fulfill them all!

Big Box Stores Are BORING!

We feature QUALITY consigned furniture and home furnishings. Our items are well built, have a history, and are hard if not impossible to find new. If you see something you like and take it home you do so knowing that we'll likely never have another like it.

Retail Prices Make Us Sad

Why pay retail prices when you can purchase unique quality for a fraction? That is what consignment and refinement are all about.

We Inspire

You may look at our 'refined' furniture and fall in love with the perfect piece for your home. Maybe you find some unique decor items that you would not have otherwise considered, but now find exciting as your mind wanders with possibility. OR, maybe we inspire you to take something old that you already have and make it new again. Even if you don't buy from us when you visit, you WILL leave with value in the way of inspiration, information, and of course our friendship.

We're Green, You're Green

Purchasing previously loved furniture, furnishings, repurposed items, or our refined furniture reduces polution and waste in so many obvious ways. Without any extra effort at all shopping with One Amazing Find is just another great step towards protecting our planet for future generations.

You are always a welcomed guest

When you visit us, you are not just another customer walking through the door to buy stuff from a menu. You are our welcomed guest. We are happy to smile and nod and leave you to explore and discover. But once you start a chat with any of us, you will be so pleased that you did. We will share ideas, inspirations, insights all based on your tastes. Chat long enough and we'll even treat you to coffee... as that's what one does for a welcomed guest.

We can't wait to see you. Drop by anytime!

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Come Visit Us!
  106 East Tarpon Ave
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