Honey Bear Reserve From the Source Organic Fair / Whole

Honey Bear Reserve From the Source Organic Fair / Whole

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Honey Bear Reserve, an ode to the artisanal ‘honey’ movement, was the first of its kind born in Nicaragua.

Exhibiting this artisanal fruit-curing, Honey Bear is truly a reserve coffee.

‘Honeyed’ refers to the natural coffee drying process. To be clear, there is no honey added. Just below the skin, similar to the best wine grapes, lies a thick layer of fruit surrounding two coffee plant seeds aka ‘beans’. Instead spring water fermentation, the fruit-covered seeds are put in the sun for 7 days of drying. The coffee fruit melts in the sun like honey, curing the raw seeds and infusing a light natural sweetness. When roasted, the sweetness is subtle and the body is big. 

*100% Organic Specialty Arabica, Medium Roasted *Whole bean or Ground *Enjoy in all preparations *Approx. 30-35 cups. 10.5 oz/300g *100% Made At The Source, Origin Roasted *USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade Federation Member